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Reformed pamphlets, papers & preaching

In Pursuit of Plainness The Puritan Principle of Worship
The meaning and origin of the so-called "regulative principle" of worship is explored in a historical study. The roots of this principle are traced back to John Calvin, and its application by the English Puritans is investigated in depth.
Calvin and Ecumenicity The Genevan Reformer's Attempts at Unification
Referring extensively to his writings and correspondence, John Calvin's attempts to unite the Calvinistic Reformation with the Zwinglians and Lutherans are documented in detail, as well as his further endeavours in seeking unity among the sixteenth century Reformation churches.
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church Ecumenical Relations With Reformed Churches
This study aims to help come to a greater understanding of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church by examining its roots and history. It gives special attention to the OPC's ecumenical contacts with other Reformed Churches, especially the development in its relationship with the Canadian Reformed Churches.

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